Some People Are Irrationally Attached to Their Running Shoes

And I’m one of them. HA HA. What is up fam!! Happy Friday!! Today is a great day, if I do say so myself. A new article I wrote is now out on VICE! Check it out! It’s all about running superstitions, with a focus on shoes. Runners are crazy, crazy people when it comes to having everything just so for their respective runs and races, and I thought it’d be a fun yet informative story to write, especially because there’s actually some science behind why we runners are the we are.

I also think this article is super timely because a bunch of these running crazies are all meeting up in my hood this weekend for a little event called the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon. It just so happens that it’s the biggest marathon in the world, and it just so happens there are going to be over 50,000 finishers on Sunday, the largest field yet. The NYC Marathon is a national holiday for the running community, and I’m so excited to be here for it and work on the front lines of it at work with Runner’s World.

You know what I’m most excited for, though? THE RACE ITSELF!!!!! You guys know I’ve been training for months now for NYC. I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing this marathon all summer and fall long. I’m JUST SLIGHTLY HYPED TO RUN IN MY FIRST NYC MARATHON EVER AND MY SECOND MARATHON EVER!!! All I have to say is: I’m ready to make some huge moves in my marathon career on Sunday. If you’re in NYC and coming out to watch the race, catch me blazing by you over some bridges up in front (ok, not with Shalane Flanagan, but up there beating all the non-professional men), repping in my new Central Park Track Club New Balance racing kit (it’s official now!), and with my marathon-partner-and-crime Hannah at my side. As usual, I’ll also be repping my Loyola Ramblers Cross Country/Track & Field squad, my Whitefish Bay Cross Country/Track & Field squad, and the 414, Milwaukee, my city.

On Sunday, I’ll be racing for all of you out there, but I’ll especially be racing for Deanna Wile, an incredible woman fighting and crushing stage four breast cancer who I have the honor of being close to, and all of the people who were killed on the West Side Highway in the terrorist attack that happened on Tuesday. Without further ado, it’s show time. To everyone running, you’re going to kill it out there!! I never say good luck, because you never need luck. All the work has been done, all the $$$$$ is in the bank. Just go out there, have a blast on the course, and show the world what you’re made of. šŸ˜‰

As always, peace, love, and running (fast),

Ally Spiroff

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