I Got Real With Runner’s World About How I Broke My Bad Running Habits

Happy Friday you guys! No massive updates since my last post, but I’m honored to be featured in Cindy Kuzma’s, one of my mentors over the past few years, article in Runner’s World! I just thought I would share my thoughts and her article with you. It’s all about how I got over my poor racing habits. It only took me about six years to figure out. 🙂

It’s surreal because ever since I started running, I’ve always dreamed about working AND being featured in Runner’s World. Now I’m interning at Rodale with this magical magazine AND being featured in a Runner’s World article, so I feel like everything has come full circle.

Reading it got me really hyped for the NYC Marathon and for marathon season in general! I really geek out about running, if you don’t already know. 🙂

Speedy wishes to all my runners out there running in one of my second homes this weekend at the Chicago Marathon! You’ll love the course and the energy. I have fond memories of racing there last year in my marathon debut, and I’m super nostalgic about it this weekend. Embrace every second of that environment. For everyone else not running the Chicago Marathon, enjoy your weekend too! I love fall weekends, so it’s bound to be a great one. 🙂 As always, thanks again for the love and talk to you guys again soon!

Peace, love, and running (fast),

Ally Spiroff

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