The Video Has Arrived!

    The video I have been talking about in a couple of blog posts now is officially here!┬áIt has been quite the amazing journey to follow Soraya Rendon and her staff around these last couple of months.   Besides the video, I have a picture slideshow here that documents some of Alex and I’sContinue reading “The Video Has Arrived!”

Urban Bait

In my digital production class this first semester of grad school, I got a taste of what a video journalist’s job is like. In this class, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone of writing and into the world of video. I welcome a good challenge, and it was certainly a necessaryContinue reading “Urban Bait”

Why You Should Want to Tell Other People’s Stories

There is nothing I have been anticipating more than the final product for our project on Soraya Rendon, the owner and the brains behind Chilam Balam and Shaman. The day is finally here, and our video will be presented to the class. Alex and I may make a couple of changes in the next weekContinue reading “Why You Should Want to Tell Other People’s Stories”